Lucy Clay - LC Machine BABY SQUIRREL

Lucy Clay - LC Machine BABY SQUIRREL

Includes 2 year warranty from Lucy Clay



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LC MACHINES BABY SQUIRREL IS A SMALLER VERSION OF THE BEST-SELLER LC MACHINE. LC Machine Baby Squirrel is the smaller version of LC Machine Squirrel. This Baby is smaller and lighter but has the same functionality as its bigger "brother" Squirrel. An adjustable gap between rollers (0.5-18mm) allows for conditioning an entire bar of the polymer clay. The Machine is equipped with a hexagonal adapter and can be used with a cordless drill. A magnetic clamping solution allows you to fix the Machine on a desk. Differences between LCM Squirrel and LCM Baby Squirrel The differences are: ✅ Size - Baby Squirrel is smaller (see the chart below for more specifications). ✅ Weight - Baby Squirrel is lighter, Baby Squirrel weighs 7kg/15.4lbs, Squirrel is 8kg/17.6 lbs. ✅ Baby Squirrel can be placed only on the edge of a table, Squirrel can be placed anywhere on the table. ✅ Width Adjuster is NOT compatible with Baby Squirrel. ✅ Price - Baby Squirrel has a lower price than a Squirrel. Find more info and videos here: